Ava's Possessions


Ava Dobkins is recovering from demonic possession. With no memory of the past month, she is forced to attend a Spirit Possession Anonymous support group. As Ava struggles to reconnect with her friends, get her job back, and figure out where the huge bloodstain in her apartment came from, she's plagued by nightmarish visions - the demon is trying to come back.

Official Selection and World Premiere 2015 SXSW Film Festival

"The cinematography oscillates fluidly between farce and tragedy, reveling in fluorescent noir hues that underline the subjective fragility of Ava’s regained grasp of herself. The images are bathed in blues, reds, and purples, the furniture and décor of the settings often positioned so as to surreally heighten the audience’s awareness of them as pieces of lo-fi expressionist sets. These formalities embody Ava’s detachment from herself, which might be described as an addict’s feeling that a clean afterlife, while safer and purer compared to the debauchery that preceded it, isn’t “real.”  The film's atmosphere is striking." - Chuck Bowen of Slant Magazine

Shot on Red Epic Dragon, Optima Zooms, Zeiss Superspeed MK3 Prime Lenses